Tour Bordeaux by the glass

Let us whisk you away to a beautiful Bordeaux hillside.

Imagine a light breeze gently cooling the heat of the sun on your skin while the delicate scent of grapevines rises from the earth. As you raise a glass to your lips, the fragrance is replaced by the heady bouquet of a Bordeaux Blanc. Everything else falls away in a perfect moment.

You don’t have to travel to experience the wonder of wine country this summer. At The Ivy Edinburgh we’re giving you the rare opportunity to taste the best of Bordeaux with an exclusive selection of world-class white wines.

Usually only available by the bottle, these incredible wines are yours to sample by the glass, opening up a world of possibility and experimentation.

Bordeaux’s long history of producing top-tier fine wines stretches back 20 centuries, and its reputation continues to this day. A new generation of winemakers are producing wonderful, accessible wines, using modern, sustainable methods, but with the same craft and care that has become the region’s calling card.

While most are aware of its impressive reds, these fine whites offer a path less travelled for those who know. Both sweet and dry pair perfectly with food, making The Ivy Edinburgh the ideal venue to explore and discover.